About Us

Chairman’s message

Citi square group of companies is into interior design , architecture , land scape design ,and media corporation , infrastructure developments modular’s furniture industries and citi square India foundation with immense experience and as we continue to build and deliver iconic developments at our market places and became one stop solutions for all business needs , along with our pioneering brand citisquare interiors design we have been gradually diversified into other venturing like modular kitchens our exculsive brand HALLY .

and knowledge imparting institution citisquare interiors and fashion institute which aims to bring together passionate students in fields of creativity and train them and to create opportunities under the citi square group

We are committed to having a good partnership, transparency and reliability with our clients Our clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources and expertise, and most importantly, the ability to complete their projects to the highest standards on time.  It has been a very challenging journey from the start of our company until today. we are now one among the top interior design companies. Our major challenge today is to sustain the growth we generated till date. We are proud of our past and we have an active present and we looking forward to a promising future.

During this time we have built a reputation for delivering the highest residential ,leisure and commercial, hospitality, retail ,shopping malls, multiplexes and turn key projects around pan India

Our mission is to make interiors more affordable and available to all sectors ,using standard and international resources our success is largely driven by its long –standing relation ships India wide with its carefully nurtured standards ,principles and polices

I am looking forward to building future with all of our expertise’s to continue providing the customer bring alive their dreams of luxury

Founder & Chairman – CITI SQUARE GROUP